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Harley Tempest

I am a qualified coach who has been in every role the industry has to offer. I have always been drawn to teaching people. There is nothing better than learning something new - whether it’s the correct form, eating smarter or creating effective habits.

I like to take the simple approach to training with the focus on macronutrients, consistency and intensity. I have an open mind to different training philosophies and still consider myself a student.

My biggest achievement in the industry is forming Origin as a place I can be proud of! I know I have awesome client's, employees, equipment and vibe!

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Megan Allen-Creed

As both a coach and sports therapist, I have been in the industry for a number of years.

I am passionate about weight training, running and swimming and have completed ultra marathons that I once thought would have been impossible. I find it incredibly exciting to know that we are all capable of achievements far beyond the limitations we place on ourselves.

I find it rewarding to see my clients discover a new-found confidence through their training and to feel great both physically and mentally.

My goal is to empower others to reach their full potential whilst educating them for long term success.


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Maddie Milsom

I am qualified in cert 3/4 in fitness. My love of he health and fitness industry came from my own personal experience of being overweight in my early 20’s being over 130kgs. The journey it took to lose and maintain that even still 6 years later between 2 pregnancies.
My approach to fitness is to find what you enjoy and to make it a regular part of your day to day so that it can be sustained for life.
I look forward to expanding on my knowledge to be able to give more to my clients and help everyone begin a journey that gives them a better quality of life!